Brev från våra turkiska kamrater

Strax efter det fruktansvärde terrordåd emot en fredsdemonsration i Ankara den 10 oktober skickade Vision en sympati och solidaritetshälsning till våra fackliga kamrater i Turkiet. Demonstrationen var organiserat av bland andra de turkiska centralorganisationer KESK och DISK. Flera av de fackliga organisationer som Vision samarbetar med är anslutna till KESK och DISK.

Nyligen fick vi följande brev från våra fackliga kamrater.

Dear Comrades,

As the main labour organizations and professional associations in Turkey, we called for a peace demonstration in order to raise our voices against the current chaotic situation and conflicts. This demonstration aimed to clear the war atmosphere and to express our demands for peace and democracy. Through organizing such a rally, we wanted to emphasize the direct link between the labor rights and peace. However, the peace rally on 10th of October in Ankara that was called by KESK (Confederation of Public Employees’ Trade Unions), DİSK (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions of Turkey), TMMOB (Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects) and TTB (Turkish Medical Association) in which many political parties, democratic organizations, and tens of thousands people, who want equality, freedom, democracy and peace participated was attacked. This was the bloodiest attack in the history of Turkish Republic. We lost 100 friends in this brutal massacre. Many more in hospitals still receiving treatment.

The target of the assailants is obvious: The target is labour. The target is peace. The target is democracy! We will not permit any attempt to cover and to be forgotten this massacre. We will continue to struggle in order to ensure exposition of all dark forces behind this attack; particularly the government, who is responsible politically and to ensure they face the justice. Whatever it may cost, we will not take a step back in our struggle for labour, peace and democracy.

We’ll be together, in solidarity, to continue the struggle carried out by our friends, who lost their lives during this brutal and violent attack, and to memorialize them! Thank you all for your solidarity and support you expressed during these hard days.

In Solidarity

Executive Board 

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